An Open Letter To Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

June 28, 2019

Mr Governor,

I must say that I have tried for many months now to contact you about a massive problem in our state

I’m going to assume that you have been very busy trying to make Mississippi a great state, but I have to say you have forgotten a major area of concern.

I believe that you genuinely care about Mississippi and the children that reside in our state. I’m going to quickly share some statistics that you may have overlooked in your very busy life.

Mississippi is ranked 50th in oral care out of all of the states.
Mississippi has the worst oral care in all of the United States.

In 2018 65% of all births, and children up to age one were covered by medicaid.

In 2018 over 47,800 children were covered by CHIP/Medicaid in Mississippi.

In 2018 447,263 people were enrolled into the MississippiCan Program in Mississippi.

With an estimated population of almost 3 million people, that is a rate of almost 25% of our entire population!

Why am I telling you these statistics?

Mississippi is becoming almost over run with pediatric dental chains.

Kool Smiles now known as “Sunnybrook Dentistry & Braces” having 5 locations across the state of Mississippi.

DMMG or Robert’s Dental Contracting with the names of South Mississippi Smiles, Mississippi Smiles, and Happy Smiles having 6 locations across the state of Mississippi.

You maybe wondering why this is a problem if Mississippi is last in oral care.
I’m going to explain this to you.

These companies follow a not so ethical business plan.

They cater to children of low income families, getting most of their business from medicaid, but as you know medicaid does not pay out very much.

This becomes a problem when these companies must produce a profit.

The first problem,

Neither of these companies employ pediatric dentists.
What they actually do is employ general dentists, and then fly in pediatric dentists to do really big procedures on children all at one time to be able to get a really big medicaid payout.

The also fly in a “dental anesthesiologist” to administer general anesthesia to children in the office.

I am no expert, but I have gained the respect of a few PICU doctors by having a special needs child, and what I was told by a board certified PICU doctor is, “General anesthesia should really only be performed on children in a hospital or a surgery center. Children can go down hill really quickly, and you want to be in the most equipped place possible to deal with that kind of emergency”

The biggest problem with all of this is that, these companies are lying to parents and not telling them that they actually are NOT pediatric dentists.

They are not telling parents that the dentist seeing their children have never been thru a pediatric dental residency.

These dental chains market themselves as being in business for children.

Surely this is just an oversight on your part because in most states this is actually illegal.
In Mississippi there is no regulation on if a general dentist can market their practice as a pediatric clinic even if they aren’t actually certified to work on children.

It’s kind of like asking your adult primary care doctor, to treat your sick three year old. They would refer you to a pediatrician because children are different than adults.
I’m really hoping that this is just an over sight on your part, and your going to fix this, because if you don’t and a child dies will you be able to sleep at night?

The second Problem,

I am not sure if you are familiar with a term called ‘Patient Abandonment.” It’s a legal term and it refers to when a doctor treats someone and then leaves.

Leaving their patient with no one to go to if they have complications.

Lets take my son for example.
South Mississippi Smiles put 14 crowns in his tiny three year old mouth at one time, without my consent.

They did not count on him having any complications, but he did, and when he did they tried to make it all out to be in my head. They even told me many times, “Oh that is normal, oh he just has autism” thankfully I took him to the ER and he is now okay.

The real problem was that the pediatric dentist that did his procedure didn’t actually live in Mississippi, he lives in Arizona.

He flew to Mississippi to do the procedure and then left the same day, and there was no other pediatric dentist for me to take him to when he had complications.
I had to find a local dentist and beg them to see my son.
This is actually very illegal.
I’m going to hope that you don’t know that this is going on inside your state, and that you will see the urgency in why this needs to be addressed.

The third, and biggest problem!

The Dental Board Is Covering All Of This Up!

That is a really bold statement for me to make, but I can absolutely prove it!

My son was a victim of all of these problems, and I went to the dental board.

I had full faith that the Mississippi Board of Dentistry was going to make them take accountability, instead they “remanded” my sons case for lack of evidence.

That is extremely odd because I have over 200 pages of evidence.
I have documents from the hospital that treated him.

The local dentist that treated him released their records as well as his pediatrician, and his GI doctor.
The anesthesiologist that put my son to sleep, completely backed out of his next date with South Mississippi Smiles after my son’s case.

South Mississippi Smiles does not have a single consent to treat form from me.

Every single medical professional I have spoken to has said that the form they do have is simply a “medical patient update form”
That form has caused quite a controversy let me explain.

The form SMS & MS Dental Board state is a consent form

My sons father signed that form when he first brought Elijah at 6:30 AM.
I arrived about 10 minutes later.

At 7AM I brought Elijah to the back, and they put him to sleep.
I walked back into the waiting room, and my children’s father left to go to work.

South Mississippi Smiles claims this form was already filled out when he signed it, but they also state they did not know that they would need to place 14 crowns at one time, until after they got him to sleep and got the x rays.

If they had actually gotten informed consent, it would have been my signature on the form.

My children’s father was at work, and about 100 people could testify to that. He even got paid for being at work on that very day.

Every medical professional I ask says they understand that, but the entire Mississippi Dental Board does not.

I spoke with Chris Hutchinson the director of the board, and he is not nice.
I have a younger son who spent most of his first year of life in a PICU so I am no stranger to how consent works. I have had to say no many times.

Chris Hutchinson is the most unprofessional director of any medical agency government or not that I have ever spoken with.
The only thing he could say was, “You threatened my agency” over and over. Any time, I started to state facts he would say, “Well, I don’t have his file in front of me.”

Mr.Bryant, again I am no expert but if you are trying to get a mother to shut up, you should be very well versed in their case before you get on the phone with them.

He was very adamant that I was going to hear from his attorney, Stanley Ingram.

The only thing the Mississippi dental board’s attorney had to say was, “I’m going to strongly urge them to reopen this case, I didn’t know all of the details before speaking with you”

Strange, he was a lot nicer then Chris Hutchinson.

We both know that the dental board is covering up a lot of things. they have been in the media a lot lately for doing just that.

Mr. Bryant, I want you to understand one very important quote, “Hell hath no fury on the person that hurts a mother’s child!”

If you do not take a stand and do something about these chain dentists in Mississippi they ARE going to kill a child!

This is NOT a matter of if, but a matter of when they kill a child, and the dental board is covering it up for money.

I only have one last question for you Mr.Bryant.
When they finally kill a child because you let the dental board cover up what they were doing, will you be able to sleep at night?
Because you damn sure won’t be able to say you didn’t know!

I look forward to seeing your response.


A pissed off tax paying mother and Mississippian.

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