An Open Letter to the MS Dental Board

June 27, 2019

I found out this morning that you “remanded” my sons case for “lack of evidence. I’m really not sure how that is since I gave you over 200 documents of proof.
Thru this entire process I have defended your organization. I have continually said that you all were going to do the right thing.

This morning I talked to your executive director, “Chris Hutchinson.”
Let me tell you he was no nice man. I have never met a director of any organization that thinks that it is acceptable to yell at the mother’s of children that have been harmed by someone.

You want to know the problem though?
He got on the phone without knowing the facts!

When I started spewing facts, his only reply was, “Well I’m not looking at his file”

When I said “YOUR ORGANIZATION IS COVERING THIS UP” the only thing that could come out of his little arrogant mouth was “Your threatening us, your threatening a government agency”

No, sweety i’m telling you what I believe, because when I spoke with your “organization’s” lawyer his words were, “I am going to talk with the investigative board member to get this case back open” you know why?

Because. I. have. proof.
Because you failed to tell your attorney all of the proof and he knew in that moment that I will WIN, if you come after me, for trying to “expose” your organization.

I’m not threatening the Mississippi Dental Board I am telling you, that I will shout this to the world until my dying day that you are covering up the fact that South Mississippi Smiles put FOURTEEN crowns in my child’s mouth at one time withOUT consent, and then let him writhe in pain.

Hell hath no fury on the person that harms a mother’s child.

I am not scared of your organization.
I wait for the day, that I can stand in front of a jury and show them the mountain of evidence I have PROVING that they broke the law.

It is truly sad, that I a mother can prove what they did, but an organization with a lawyer to literally spell out the law cannot.

This comes down to you all protecting chain dentists to get more money, in your pocket.

South Mississippi Smiles, is in fact NOT local like they say they are and they have a crap ton of clinics in Mississippi.

So hurting them would hurt your pocket book.

I’m sorry to tell you but, you messed with the wrong mom.

Because I won’t be told to sit down and shut up.

Nobody is going to hurt my child, blame it on autism, and get away with it.

To actually be charged with libel you have to be lying, and considering I can prove everything, well, you can’t sue me.

If you think that you sending me a cease & desist letter will scare me, go ahead and ask your buddies at South Mississippi Smiles how well that worked for them. I read it online, and i’ll read yours online.

I want to stand in front of a judge.
I welcome standing in front of a judge, so that I can shed light on how your organization is protecting a company that doesn’t care about kids, that just wants a medicaid payout.

I just have one last question, when they kill a child, are you going to lie and say you didn’t know?

A pissed off mama!

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