Every day for a month my son looked at this box of cake mix, looked back at me and said “mama can we please make a cake?”

Tomorrow, we can make a cake tomorrow.

Everything my son wanted to do today, forever became tomorrow & tomorrow almost never came.

Today, we made a cake!
We made a cake with so much frosting.
with so much chocolate.

Today, I decided that everyday I would do one of my promised tomorrow’s until I could tell myself Today, I’ll be a better mother.

Motherhood is not about perfection.
Motherhood is about doing the best you can.

Children will never remember the promise of tomorrow, but they will always remember the memory of today!

Today, take a second, step back & just breathe.
Know that you are doing the best that you can.

Just make one simple thing a day that would’ve been a tomorrow & make it a today!

It will make your child’s day, Every. Single. Day.

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