We are what Time Magazine calls the “Me Me Me’ generation!

We’re selfish, we don’t care, we use Facebook and Twitter 90 percent of the day. We don’t do anything unless it makes us happy and benefits us, we want everything now and we don’t care about civic change!

We are the least politically engaged and we don’t care about community outreach because it doesn’t affect us!

We will write a review on Facebook if our Amazon package is not delivered within 2 days, but we refuse to stand up any kind of social change!

We believe our rights are our God given right, yet we won’t stand up to fight for them.

We want the world, but we don’t want to work for it.

We follow people who have shown success, but we refuse to help anyone gain success.

We want everything now, and we don’t care who we hurt in the process.

We believe that if a social injustice isn’t effecting our daily life that there is no need to try to change.

We want change, but we don’t want to help bring it about.

We only have a voice, when it will benefit us.

We share Facebook and Twitter stories of people “Twerking” because it’s funny, but skip over the homeless person who served 5 tours in Iraq and has PTSD because “That just doesn’t make me feel good”

We complain about everything, yet do absolutely nothing to change anything about our situation, and expect other people to help us fix it, or “give us a hand out”

59% of our generation is self — absorbed 
& only 29% of our generation is compassionate.

The problem is that out generation simply does not care, until it affects us, or someone we care about. we ignore problems within our city, state, or country unless it directly affects us, and then expect other people to “fix it” when someone violates our “rights”

I’m a millennial and I hate my generation.

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