How to Fight The Pediatric Resident and Their God Complex: Your Child’s Attending Will Be Your Greatest Source Of Advocacy

June 12, 2019

Lets get real here for a second and talk about where the majority of parental bullying is going on.

You want to know where?
Children’s Hospitals!

You want to know who is doing it?

I am the mother that will tell a resident to get the hell out of my child’s room without the blink of an eye, and there is no shame in my game sista!

“He’s looks to be breathing quite comfortably to me, and i’m the senior resident on call, and there is no attending here right now!”

Guess what? – He. Was. Wrong.

There was absolutely an attending there, you know how I knew he was lying? Because there is always an attending somewhere in a children’s hospital whether it be in the ER or the PICU.


Oh, and my son was moved to PICU an hour later and put on high flow oxygen.

“It doesn’t matter how long it take’s him to eat as long as he eats!”

Well senior resident Susannnnn, you are wrong and any pediatric gastrointerologist would tell you that

You. Are. Wrong.

Because of her my son had to go back on full time oxygen & he got a gtube 3 days later.

“I understand you want his pain under control but safety comes first. Safety over pain. Safety over pain.”

Okayyyy, well he is currently intubated and the respiratory therapist is giving him manual breathes over the ventilator because his oxygen is plummeting because he is trying to scream bloody murder over that ventilater.

Not sure what good your “safety method’ is going to do if he can’t, I don’t know BREATHE.

He was given a Fentanyl bolus and put back on a Versed drip within 30 minutes and he never had a single oxygen drop again that night.

“There is no actual test for a bowel obstruction we just know if we don’t hear any bowel sounds”

Weird thought there bro. Because the small hospital in my little city did a CT and caught the complete looped bowel obstruction that almost killed him.

– My son actually had a small bowel ileus and not a second obstruction I suppose he just did not want to swallow some pride and admit he used the incorrect diagnosis, or maybe he just did not know. Let me add too, that a simple abdominal x ray will in fact show an ileus i’ll never know why this resident said that, he did not like me.

Here is the problem, when you are inside of a children’s hospital your child’s attending is going to be your biggest advocate, but you see your child’s attending very little.

If you are not well versed in who is who inside of a children’s hospital you will probably have no actual idea who your child’s attending even is.

Welcome to the God complex of Resident Pediatric Physicians.

Is a resident a phsyician? – Yes.

They are not a pediatrician they are doing a “residency” to become a pediatrician.

What does that mean?
They. Are. Learning. From. Your. Child.

Your child could be their first case of laryngomalacia or their fifth case of laryngomalacia, either way what they say is NOT gold, until you hear it from your child’s attending!

How do you correct this ?

Call. Them. Out.

I’m not saying argue back and forth with them, I’m saying when the resident is rounding with the attending, call them out from the heavens of Jesus above.

Become Madea, and be your child’s biggest advocate, and shout what they did from the root tops of the stairs that lead to Jesus’s thrones!

Residents. Hate. Being. Called. Out. In. Front. Of. Their. Attending’s.

99% of most problem’s I have had inside of a children’s hospital have in fact come from a resident.

100% of the success I have had inside of a Children’s hospital has come from going over the resident and to the attending.

Here is the deal, your child’s attending is kind of hard to get a hold of and if you tell your nurse, “I want to speak with a doctor” they are going to send the resident into your room.

You are going to need to look at your child’s nurse, resident, who ever, and say, “I want to speak with an attending NOW.”

When you say this, you need to possess the diary of a Mad Black Women.
Seriously watch the movie, and become her!
Get Mad.
Get Pissed The Hell Off.

Chances are your child’s attending has zero idea what the hell the resident is saying, and as soon as you get them involved things will change, and the ball will get rolling to getting your child healthy and happy.

I’m not saying that every single Attending is amazing and that it is all resident’s but what I am saying, is, resident’s are new, they are cocky, and they think their shit does not stink.

When in fact, it smell’s like the asshole they look like when they treat mother’s like shit.

The average attending in a hospital could make way more money working in Private practice and they genuinely love kids.

I have learned and gained more medical knowledge from the attending’s of my local Children’s Hospital then I have learned from any other medical professional.

Some of them, are very near and dear to my heart, and have made a key impact on my child’s health and well being.
Many of them, have loved my child like he was their own, and fought for him with me.
Many of them have sat with me in the trying times, and told me they had him when all I could think about was what happens if he doesn’t survive.

Your child’s attending physician is your biggest source of advocacy, use them, get personal with them, tell them your fears, your worries, sit down with them.


& do not be scared to call out the asshole resident who told you to #sitdownandshutup.

Stand your ass up, and be the kick ass mother and advocate you know you are and demand to speak to your attending, they will help you.


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