Welcome to Pediatric Healthcare: Where the Fear of Losing your Child is Stronger then your Desire to Advocate

June 10, 2019

“I’ve been a nurse for 35 years and I can tell you right now, your son is not in respiratory distress. You need to sit down, and let me do my job” — the floor nurse taking care of my son

He was moved to PICU an hour later

“A high heart rate is normal in laryngomalacia babies — a floor nurse

His temp was over 103F she never bothered to check.

“He looks to be breathing pretty comfortably to me” — Night time 2nd year resident

He was moved to PICU two hours later and put on high flow oxygen

” I just want to make sure you know how to take care of him, so we want you to room in with him while we watch you” – His PICU doctor

He was back in the same hospital 2 days later in respiratory distress after I took him home because the doctor thought I was lying. He wound up getting a Gtube, and was sent home on full time oxygen.

“It’s not that bad of a case of pneumonia can you just calm down and let the doctors decide what to do” – a floor nurse

He would wind up in PICU that night because the resident never ordered the antibiotic, and he got dehydrated from not receiving any fluids all day after his nurse let his IV blow and never changed it.

“If you leave that hospital I will call DHS on you!” — His pediatrician

He was released the next day after demanding infectious disease come look at him. They admitted he was not as sick as they thought he was and did not need IV antibiotics.

“Maybe you should stop complaing about his crying and just be thankful he is even alive” — the surgical resident

They sedated him 4 hours later because they tried everything from morphine, versed, benadryl, and even methadone, he never stopped screaming for over 24 hours.

I could go on and on about the things I have been told by both doctors and nurses about my children’s healthcare. It’s a problem everyone knows about, that no one will talk about.

If you were to walk into a special needs facebook group what you would find is the overwhelming fear and anxiety that raises the moment a parent asks what will happen if they stand up to their child’s doctor.

When we live in a world where a parents fear of DHS is stronger than their desire to advocate for their child, then something needs to be done.

The first time I was bullied by a doctor I was told by another special needs mother that I was going to need to learn to take the bitch out of my pocket, to stand up, and to stop being scared.

That did not happen for me over night, and I called my mother many times who is the equivalent of Madea, I shit you not, she got my son transfered to a different hospital in two hours, when they had ignored my request for that repeatedly.

The reality, is that this is happening everywhere, to any parent that doesn’t agree with their child’s treatment, or any parent that doesn’t think their child’s doctor is doing enough.

I’m not sure there is an easy way to fix it, but I know the first step has to start with awareness.

Pediatric healthcare shouldn’t be where doctor’s are always right, nurses judge, and parental concerns are ignored. Yet, here we are in 2019 treating mothers like it’s the 1950’s and they just need to sit down and shut up.

Parents everyday are spending thousands of dollars fighting DHS for their child back after a doctor called on them, for something that was not true.

I have been threatened with DHS two times in my children’s life, and I simply googled the phone number and handed it to them, and let them know as soon as they called I’d be retaining a lawyer.

Not surprisingly they never called, because I wasn’t scared, I didn’t backdown.

When doctor’s, nurses, and hospital’s are using DHS as a scare tactic to bully parents into doing what they want them to do that is a huge issue.

Pediatric Healthcare is by all means the perfect profession for the Egotistical person and parents are paying the price for it.

but hey,

Welcome to Pediatric Healthcare: Where doctor’s are always right, nurses judge, and parental concerns are ignored.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Pediatric Healthcare: Where the Fear of Losing your Child is Stronger then your Desire to Advocate

  1. I went through a horrible circumstance with my daughter as an infant…..accused of shaking her….she was sick with viral meningitis. Staff at hospital treated us horribly and we were observed on cameras at all times…..I was terrified of losing my child……


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