Without Nurses this little boy would be DEAD, do you grasp that senator?

Senator Walsh,

I simply have a few questions for you?

Have you ever been in an ER trauma room? Have you ever watched the single most important person in your life be coded? Have you ever held a nurses hand as you drop to your knees screaming a scream of pure agony?

Have you ever seen the face of a nurse when she tells you that your child will not be returning to PACU because they are to sick to be extubated?

Have you ever seen the look on a nurses face as they see life leave your child’s face?

Have you ever seen how quickly they will jump into action, how quickly they will grab an AMBO bag, how quickly they will yell for help, and please, please do NOT be in the way when that nurse does that, because what you will see is at least 20 nurses cramming in the room all silently knowing what the other needs to do, all in there efforts to save ONE person.

Those nurses aren’t worried about how full their bladders are in those moments, and they aren’t worried about when the last time they ate was, at that moment there single focus is YOUR family member!

I have single handedly been touched by the hands of more nurses in my life then most people I have ever met!

From the time that I went into labor at 30 weeks, to the time my child was laying in a PICU on a ventilator, septic and critical because of a closed looped bowel obstruction – I can guarantee you have no idea what that means, but I can put $100 bet right now that every nurse you ask will know exactly what that is, and how fatal it can truly be for anyone.

My child the night he came out of surgery, he would stay on a ventilator for 6 days due to third spacing

At this moment I pray to God, that you never have one, that you never need life saving measures to save your life, because what might happen is that every nurse might just play a game of Go Fish in your honor, but they will STILL save your life, you know why?


Unless you are the parent, the spouse, the care taker of someone who relies on NURSES daily to ensure their family member is kept alive, unless you ARE a nurse, a doctor, a medical professional, then who in the heck are YOU to say what nurses are doing?

Have you ever heard of private duty nursing?

Do you know that nurses come into peoples homes to care for patients?

They do this blindly too, they don’t know what they are walking into!

We have nurses walking into psych patients homes, we have nurses walking into filthy, disgusting homes, trying to help these patients and they are NOT supported!

Why aren’t you fighting for that? Why are you not fighting for nurse safety? Why aren’t you fighting to give nurses the basic civil rights that YOU yourself have?

Why do YOU make more money than nurses?

Are you working on holidays?

Are you working during hurricanes, tornadoes, Snow storms?

Without power, without water, without decent conditions?

Hell no your not!

There is a higher chance that YOU are sitting in your cozy chair, with your 174,000 dollar salary, in your heated office, playing CARDS WITH YOUR 10 ASSISTANTS, then the chance that a single nurse is playing cards at this very moment!

So, you want to say your, “Only talking about nurses in rural areas”

Sweetheart, go ahead and visit Greene County, MS, their hospital looks like a clinic compared to the hospitals I am used too.

But, as I passed thru their county at 2 am, when my child had a heart rate of over 200, with an oxygen level in the 80’s, as we drove over a hundred miles an hour to get the that hospital, when we arrived, NOT A SINGLE NURSE WAS PLAYING CARDS!

They were ALL helping MY CHILD!

you see, quite frankly you don’t know what the hell you are talking about!

If you ever decide to grow a heart step into your states local children’s hospital, look in their NICU!

Look at all of the machines, and drips keeping children alive in their PICU, ask those nurses how they were setup, because NURSES are the ones doing it! Ask them what drip does what, ask them what one would use Versed, Fentanyl, Precedex for ask them why a child would be getting Albumin, ask them why they start blood slowly and at a set rate.

Oh, and by the way, if they played cards while hanging these drips, do you know that they could potentially KILL someone, my guess they are not even thinking about cards at that moment!

The amount of medication it took to keep my child alive after a bowel obstruction

Go ahead and walk up to the floor of a children’s hospital and just look and see how many children are there because they need respiratory support because a virus such as RSV, has decided to try and end their tiny little lives!

My child when he had RSV

When your done with that take one more look inside that PICU and look at all the children that are on High flow, and ventilators because sometimes those viruses actually almost succeed in taking a child’s life.

My child fighting Corona virus and Pneumonia

So the next time you decide to say that nurses are just, “Playing Cards” know that many of your closest friends, family members, and kids would most likely not be alive today had it not been for nurses!

It’s quite simple actually get off your self titled thrown, and apologize to these nurses, stop making excuses and actually apologize!

What if a nurse made an excuse instead of saving your life?

well, you’d probably be dead.

But, hey, senator Walsh, Go Fish!


A mother who relies on nurses daily!

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Take a hard look at these pictures, because without NURSES, I’d have none of them!


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