You laid your head on my chest, today.

I sat there with you for what must have been an eternity.

Just soaking up all of you, I rubbed your head, rubbed your back, told you I loved you over and over.

 I listened to your heart beating, knowing that you could feel mine, knowing that being that close to me, brought you more comfort than anything else in this world.

I held you longer today, I hugged you tighter today, and I let you sleep a little longer today.

You are three, and you are beautiful, you are amazing and courageous.

I am your mother, your best friend, I am the one who knows everything about you.

I know that you hate hot food, and you hate the feel of jeans.

I know that bananas are your favorite, and that slime totally grosses your silly little mind out.

You are three, and you have taught me more in your three years of life, than I have learned in my 26 years of existence.

From you I have learned the value of patience, that your voice goes a long way, and that sometimes its better to just sit and be together than it is to say anything at all.

From you I have learned, the true meaning of love, you have shown me innocence thru a filter of a beautiful child, that I have never seen before.

Thru you I have learned the meaning of braveness.

Your life started in a NICU and you powered your way thru it, like you were the mighty king and nothing could hold you back.

Your love for fire trucks, and garbage trucks, anything with a siren, could make anyone fall in love with you.

Your smile, oh your beautiful smile, could light up any room, with even the saddest person in it.

You do not say very much, but your warmth, could touch anyone.

You my child, have saved me.

I’ve always believed that I had to protect you, to guide you, to make sure nothing happened to you.

God knew that you would save me, that you would change me.

God knew that becoming your mother, would be the single most life altering thing in my life.

For you are loved, you are wanted, you are cared for, and you are amazing. You saved me in only three years, and I will spend my life, being everything, you need me to be, I will make sure you are always loved, that you are always happy, and always treated right.

I am your mother, your protector, your safe haven.

My love for you knows no boundaries, my love for you is ever lasting, and always unconditional!

Sweet dreams my son, sweet dreams my beautiful, beautiful son.

Sleep here a little longer, lay your head on my chest just a little longer, because you have a beautiful world to chase.

You have many things to accomplish, so for right now;

Lay your head here just a little longer!

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