An Open Letter to the Dentist at South MS Smiles Who tried to take Elijah’s Voice

March 16, 2019

I wonder if any of you have ever taken care of a child with autism, and by that I do not mean, as a patient!

I wonder if you have ever been the sole caregiver to a child with autism. Because if you had, I believe you would not have let me walk my child into that room, let me hold him while you put him to sleep, tell him everything was going to be okay, that you were only fixing his four front teeth, and then put crowns on fourteen of his tiny teeth all at one time!

If you had truly cared for a child with autism, you would have known that the best thing you can do is ask their mother!

At what point did you decide that it was okay for you to go from FOUR teeth to FOURTEEN teeth, without my consent? Did you really think that you blaming his autism would make this okay?

Had you asked me, had you done what you are legally and ethically required to do, and tried to get my consent I would have told you NO!

Instead, you took it upon yourself to change my beautiful, creative, imaginative three year old childs entire mouth at one time, and then, blame it on autism.

When he screamed it hurts for hours, I called and called and you simply responded with, “he isn’t in pain, he just has autism, he is overwhelmed!”

I am not sure, how all of your years of dental training never told you that a person’s mouth, teeth, tongue, etc. are one of the BIGGEST sensory parts of the entire human body.

So much that humans do, they must use their mouth for. One very important thing would be eating, but even more importantly SPEAKING.

My beautiful child, my creative, spunky, stubborn, yet amazing child, has autism, autism does NOT have him.

If I could stand in front of the world and ask every one of you one simple question, I would ask you,

“Since when did autism become an excuse to treat a child like they were less than human, like they do not deserve the same rights as everyone else?”

Notice that I did not call out just a single dentist, I have grouped you all into one entity, there is a soul reason for that. There are many people I could call out, there are many people within your soulless excuse of a company that I could call out for what they did to MY child, MY child, should I say that again.

 I am not sure a single person in South Mississippi Smiles understands that or acknowledges that one very important statement. All of you have hid behind your rose-colored glasses and acted like you just do not see me anymore. You have quit responding to the numerous tags, to the numerous reviews, you have quit using social media all together. To anyone reading this, that works there and has not spoken up, YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY as the people that were there on that day!

Not only did you take my child’s autism, use it against him to do additional work on his mouth, you also took away my basic right as his mother!

You see, I am his protector, his advocator, his safe haven! I am the person that knows his wants, his needs, his likes, his dislikes; and I AM THE ONE WHO KNOWS what you did to him!

I am the one who KNOWS what you stole from him, what you stole from me!

My child, my son, Elijah, worked so hard to get where he was, he worked so hard to speak, to drink, to eat, and in two hours, you stole all of that from him, without even thinking, without even caring!

Because a DOLLAR SIGN was more important to you, than my son.

I know right now, you are just hiding out, your waiting patiently for me to give up, to stop advocating.

I just want you to know that I will never stop, I will never give up. The thing you are mis calculating is that I am the most determined mother you will ever meet, I have already lost family, lost friends, I have already been called names, and been judged.

All of that, just makes me stronger, it makes me MORE DETERMINED to make sure that you WILL take accountability!

I will keep shouting this at the top of my lungs to as many people as I possibly can, until you understand that placing FOURTEEN crowns at one time, without MY consent is not okay!

I will keep advocating until you understand that hiding behind autism, to make a dollar, and traumatize a three-year-old is NOT okay!

I do hope you like my response to your lovely cease and desist letter, I would be more than glad to stand in front of a judge, show him all my proof, tell him what the dental board has said and more.

I have been patiently waiting for you to reach out and make things right, I’m not sure if you know, but that post you want gone so badly has been viewed more than 41,000 times! Its only going to keep getting bigger!

There are many things that I am not sure how to accomplish, but advocating, well that’s something I know how to do very well!

I hope we will talk soon!


One pissed off mother!

We learned today that the dental board has dismissed our case, we know this is because the dental board is covering up for South Mississippi Smiles, there have been multiple news articles trying to shed light on what the dental board is doing.

Please help us by sharing this article and signing our petition at

Your support means the world to us!

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30 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Dentist at South MS Smiles Who tried to take Elijah’s Voice

  1. Daniel says:

    Yes Stephanie now go get a lawyer. This is perfect never give up!!! And I want you to friend my friend Jessica Holman her son is autistic. They were wrong and need to admit it.


  2. Donald Trump says:

    That kid is fucking ugly, just like his overbearing bitch of a mother. SOUTH MISSISSIPPI SMILES 4 LYFE!!!!

    #420 #smokeweedeveryday #thug #pwndn00b #retard #bluecar #EATPUSSYNIGGA


    1. You must work for south ms smiles since your name goes directly to there website!


    2. Hi, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but I can see your email address as well as your IP address, so, I know that your the same person as “ally”.
      Also how is North Carolina treating you??


      1. Poop balls says:

        I’ve called other dentists in your area, and they re just as outraged as you are!
        I know Elijah and he is so sweet, he didn’t deserve this! You keep fighting mama!


      2. Fuck you says:

        I dont work for them. I just don’t like you. I’m not even sure why, I will reach out to you on FB messenger to apologize, I know hiding behind a keyboard, hiding my identity is super immature, and I need to make it better!
        I’m sorry for posting all the mean stuff, I’ll stop. I do hope your little boy gets justice, that was really awful what they did to him!


  3. Ally says:

    Hi! I work for SMS and want to tell you how much of an attention seeking person you are.

    You’re disgusting. You let your kid’s teeth rot. I hope yours rot too, you miserable old fuckbag



    1. Hi, thank you for this comment, it truly shows the true colors of south Mississippi smiles. I’m going to let this comment stay, so that every one that sees this will know that this is how the employees at south Mississippi smiles represent themselves.

      Thanks again.


    2. Angela says:

      How dare you talk about a person that way and a child . I have 3 kids with autism and you dare speak to this woman that way.


      1. This isn’t the only one that’s been posted, I just quit approving them. I suppose they are just mad, I’m not entirely sure.


    3. Crystal says:

      FYI: To the employee of South MS smiles. I’m giving you a bit of advice. You can take it or leave it. This might not be the smartest thing for you to do, as you are a representative of SMS. This will not look good in court.


  4. Brock says:

    Hi, I genuinely work for South Mississippi Smiles. Unfortunately, the previous posts are not from anyone associated with South Mississippi Smiles. In reality, it feels like it was planted especially with it being connected to our website.

    Ms Ulrich, we sent you a letter describing why each decision was made for your son and the reasoning behind it. Obviously, we can not post it due to HIPAA. However, if you would like everyone to know the reasoning, I would recommend you post the letter.

    Obviously, you have the right to keep that to yourself if you prefer the reasons not to be made public. As we’ve mentioned before, each decision made was done so in the best interest of your child and his health. The explanation for these decisions is summarized in that letter.

    We’ve treated hundreds of special needs children at South Mississippi Smiles and done so with compassion. We are deeply saddened that you believe the same wasn’t provided for Elijah.


    1. Hi, the letter is posted and talked about on Facebook, which everyone can see! I’m not hiding anything!


    2. Crystal says:

      Yes, we’ve all seen that letter.


  5. Ginn says:

    So happy Eli is doing better now ♥️


    1. Me too!! Thanks so much for your support!


  6. Paula says:

    Can you please send me a private message on facebook? My son is Autistic and needs work done. (My facebook name is Paula Lee Cunningham) thanks


    1. You got it, give me just a few!


  7. I would actually respond to you if you weren’t a sad piece of crap hiding your identity, behind your keyboard. I’m gonna leave this up for about an hour and then I’m deleting it. If your going to stalk me, at least grow a damn pair and don’t hide yourself, seems like your just a scared, sad, miserable, person.


  8. BUTT Gym says:

    Oh my,
    I’m so sorry that happened to your son! Please keep fighting!!
    Your such a strong mother!!!


  9. Vanessa says:

    I have a 4 year old autistic son named Elijah. He also had to have work done on his teeth. They actually had to put more caps on than we originally thought. He also got 14 teeth capped at once. The reason was because his teeth were caising many issues and if they were not capped the issues would’ve spread to his perminate teeth. To the person calling this mother horrible for letting her childs teeth rot….Do you know what its like to try to get an autistic child to eat and when they do eat its not always very healthy but we as mothers are just happy to see them eat something. The dentist office was wrong to not discuss the change of procedure. We were informed before they did it and gave our consent. We had issues with him for about 4 days after. He wouldnt eat, drink or talk but he has come around and shows everyone his new teeth. The dentist was VERY weong for not letting the little man know exactly what they were doing to him, he probably has a hard enough time understansing things. The dentist did what they knew had to be done but they should NOT have done ot without ypur consent


    1. We did, and they are covering it up!


  10. Mae Holder says:

    Did you file a complaint with the MS board of dental examiners? Their job is to investigate these sort of matters


    1. We did, and they are covering it up!


    2. We did and they are covering it up!


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